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This Is Who I am And How I Serve

Colette Fletcher

Certified, Tested & Trusted 

Spiritual Healing

Certified Mediumship

Angel/Extraterrestrial Reiki Practitioner

Life/Soul Coaching

Angel Messenger

There are incredible beings designed for the sole purpose of human well-being.  Connecting with Angelic beings is the single most healing tool available to humanity.  Colette guides each client through the process of identifying and communicating with these beings.

Spiritual Business Alignment


Multidimensional Viewing

ET Contact

Explore the world of extraterrestrial contact and how it can empower your place in the cosmos.

Orb Phenomena

 As technology continues to reveal this worldwide phenomenon just about everyone has at least heard of, if not captured these multidimensional travelers. As a photographer, Colette has been capturing, sharing, and communicating through this new exciting world and has learned how it can serve as a tool for an individual's spiritual evolution.

Paranormal Photography

Explore the possibilities of capturing the world of the sixth sense.

Pathways Through Pain 

Whether physical or emotional, you can learn how to use pain as an effective tool for the inward healing journey.

Spirit Guide/Soul Guide

Think of spirit guides as tenured professors. They are the souls on the other side who want you to succeed and feel empowered.   

Colette specializes in personal one on one therapeutic healing modalities that serve as a guide to the discovery of each person's unique soul purpose, in order to achieve life goals and reach the intended highest, most positive, and most valuable personal potential. As an enlightened soul who has survived unspeakable heartbreak and physical trauma, Colette has learned just how to heal the spirit that lies within through individualized focussed care.  Coupled with a unique birth arrival alignment and otherworldly realms she excels in revealing for others just how to take full advantage of the spiritual tools intended for vibrational wellness.  

If you feel a resonance, that voice from within, follow that beautiful intuition and connect with me now.

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