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Hello everyone, in order to control the spread of illness, the CDC has recommended that gatherings of 10 or more should be cancelled. Therefore, all of my healing circles, gallary readings and tea parties are postponed until further notice.

Although cancellation must take place, I am still available for private spirit readings and healing sessions. All of my services are still available through, phone or video chat.

Should you wish to be added on a notification list for event scheduling, comment or message me.

As we flow through this process together let's remain positive and remember that all in this life is temporary and this too shall pass. Try to get your virus information from the CDC primarily and remain smartly informed to protect yourself and others.

I am offering services for anxiety, stress, and healing. Message me for details. As a wellness coach and private healing practitioner, I wish to extend prayer, light and healing to each household.

Be safe, be prepared and know you are no alone.

With love,

Colette Fletcher

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Lions Clubhouse by the RV park

Join Colette as she shares true stories of love, courage, compassion, faith, and hope, told only as she can through the eyes of the thousands of loved ones in Spirit and the Guides that met them.  She will also be sharing the true wisdom found in the loving light beings we all know as angels that surround us all. 

located at

Lions Clubhouse by the RV park

Limiting seating for this intimate event 25 seats

You can RESERVE SEATING by calling (760) 812-0498

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Spring is full of feeling loved and blessed. It’s a time to feel blessed and to gather together with loved ones that are here and those that are in spirit.

Enjoy a special intimate gallery with Spirit Medium Colette Fletcher. Limited to only 25 tickets, this event is a treat! Colette invites you to join her at the Helendale Lions Club House where she will connect you with your loved ones in spirit through healing messages and validation. Colette will do her best to get to as many people as possible. *Please note: Not everyone is guaranteed a reading*

Age 16+

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March 28

Healing Workshop



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"I cannot stop the pain of grieving, but I can ​build a bridge and help your dear heart across."

Colette Fletcher