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I specialize in helping you to discover your life purpose, achieve your life goals and reach your highest, most positive and most valuable personal potential.        Your birth arrival time and Guardian Angels are your key to it all.

All Available Services & Prices

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Monthly Email Encouragement Service


Per Month

Readin​gs Club

4 Emailed Readings

This is an affordable way to receive monthly, current and divinely guided messages that cover all aspects of your life.

Encouraging messages will be emailed to you once per week with guidance and real life tools for over-all wellness.

If you would love to receive readings and guidance from your Guides, Angels, and loved ones, then this is the club for you!

Spirit Mediumship Service


Per Session

Spirit Reading​

1 hr session

(connecting with a loved one in spirit)

Private sitting with the spirit of loved one with proof of life after death if possible. 

Angel Healing, Guidance & Attunement


Per Session

One on One Therapy

1 hr session

Sessions are 1hr offering space to heal, grow and remember who you truly are.

To be re-engaged and find the courage and grace to live in alignment with what you know on the deepest level as your truth.

To be free from suffering by engaging your true soul-center. by way of your own unique birth and the realm of the angels.

To be free to live a life of true presence, joy, and purpose.​


Available Services

Connect with a loved one in Spirit

Life & Spirit Coaching

Spiritual Therapy

Angel Messenger

Spirit Lunar Alignment



Private Family Gatherings

Public Gallery Readings


Online Readings

Personal Guru 

Text a Psychic

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

One Time Service


Per Session

Tarot & Reiki

30 minute session

A session in which you get answers, clarity, and relief.

This bundle includes a tarot reading through my Oracle of Seven.

Concluded with a Reiki session to clear energy that may come up in your reading, This allows you to move forward with a fresh perspective and peace of mind.

Spirit Mediumship Service


Per Session

Friends & Family Gatherings

2 hr session

A private gathering in an individual’s home or business.

Between 90 minutes and two hours.

Participants receive direct validations, stories, and even proof of life from a loved one in spirit. This is the price for 6 family members & only Spirit Mediumship.

Party with a Psychic Medium

Price Varies

Per Event

Best for large Friends & Family 

Colette offers two separate packages, created for those who have loved ones separated by distance.

Tarot or Mediumship are available

These are filled with fun, information, tarot and personal guidance from the world of Spirit.  They are meant to be fun.    

2 hrs

These are great for Bachelorette Parties, Showers, Surprise Parties, & Birthday Parties. 

For an added fee favors can be included!

Angel Healing, Guidance & Attunement

Align through the natural healing flow of Angelic guidance.

Mediumship from the Angelic Realm

• Receive an Angelic Attunement

• Receive Channeled Messages from the Angels for Personal Insight and Guidance

• Meet Your Guardian Angel

​Tap into the pure wisdom found in the realm of Angels as they help you heal, align and help you achieve more in your life.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Personal Guru Service

Align & Shine


Per Month

Best Package Offer

1 Call Per Week

Plus Bonus Messages Email or Text

Weekly Personalized Forecast

Based on Astrology, Numerology, Astrology & Tarot

Weekend  Flow Through

Color Vibrational Plan

Spirit Guide Sign to Connect to the Divine

Meditations or Text on Call

20% off returning clients

Text a Psychic


Per Month Flat Fee


$1.34 PayPal Fee

Best for those who want a little access to a trusted Psychic

1 Text per week with one response

Relationship Questions

Career Guidance

Daily Tarotscope

Text a Psychic Per text


Per Text over first message received

Best for those seeking immediate advice

1 text with 1 response

each additional text is charged $1.34

A text is defined as 1 text recieved and 1 response sent.  Additional charges will be added by each response given. 

Love Never Dies 

Spirit Readings & Course in Afterlife Communication

Are you looking for more than just one Mediumship Reading?

This Package includes a 60-minute Mediumship Reading & Love Never Dies Course in Communication with your loved one in spirit.  An experience that will change your life in 2 - 1 hour sessions. As well as 2-30 minute follow-up calls.  That's 3 hours of communication with your loved one that will change your life! 

The Love Never Dies Course in Afterlife Communication is a one on one on one communication circle teaching you how to communicate with your loved one with courage and confidence.    You can maintain a loving, healthy, healing relationship with someone who has died.  Love Never Dies

Develop Your Intuition

Over this 5-week Development course, you will learn tools and techniques to awaken and to trust your intuitive power.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

- Know what Intuition is and how it talks to you

- Differentiate between the vibration of the ego and the one of the Heart or fear-based thoughts and your intuitive voice

- Lift blocking beliefs around Intuition

- Experience Intuition with most of your Clair-senses

- Know how to use Intuition to ask for directions, answer questions in your life and expand your horizons

- Know how to apply an intuitive way of living to all areas of life

- Protect yourself from energetic pollution

You will also:

- Have explored a good variety of tools to expand your Intuitive gifts

- Have the confidence that you ARE an intuitive person!

It's time to take your life to the next level. Message me now to begin your journey!